Help The Humanity

Săve the children

to improve lifestyle of underprivileged society

Purple Ball

The Purple Ball is a yearly event hosted by Glamodi to honor and celebrate the achievements of women who have broken through barriers. It takes place in observance of International Women’s Day.

Lead for Her

LEAD4HER, is dedicated to core leadership development for Girls and young women entering universities, encouraging them to pursue leadership positions from the very beginning.

With LEAD meaning :

  • L: Leadership
  • E: Empowerment
  • A: Achievement
  • D: Development

This combination emphasizes the program’s core values of nurturing leadership skills, empowering girls to take charge, fostering achievement, and supporting their overall personal and leadership development. This program aims to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles by fostering a culture of empowerment, confidence, and inclusivity.

Girls in Digitalization

The “Girls in Digitalization Quiz” is an initiative established by Glamodi with the purpose of promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and engagement specifically for girls.

This quiz serves as a catalyst for inspiring and empowering girls to explore and excel in STEM, contributing to greater gender diversity and inclusivity in these critical fields.