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About us

Founded in 2011 as the Glamorous Mothers Development Initiative (GLAMODI), our organization has grew beyond its original focus on women. In response to the increasing need for mentorship for girls and young women, we rebranded ourselves as the GLAMODI Women and Girls Development Initiative, becoming a fully registered not for profit, non political and non-governmental organization registered with Nigeria corporate affairs commission with registration number…


We believe that by nurturing the talents and aspirations of women and young people, especially girls, we are not just shaping individual destinies but also forging a path towards a more inclusive, progressive, and harmonious world.


Our mission is to champion the holistic development of women and girls worldwide, igniting their potential and fostering a brighter, more equitable future. Through education, mentorship, and advocacy, we strive to break down barriers, shatter stereotypes, and create a world where every woman, young person and girl can thrive, lead, and inspire.


Glamodi foresees a World of Limitless Potential where women and young people especially girls are empowered to dream, achieve, and transform societies.


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